We have tried to provide you with a large array of information commonly being sought by people looking to learn how to fire dance as well as for those of us that do fire dance, but are trying to find out more than what we have been able to put together so far. The major sections of our "Learning Section" are listed below.

- Where to begin if you are looking for more about what fire dancing is or how to get started to spin yourself.
Background - An explanation of where the originations of fire dance and certain fire dance instruments are from.
Glossary - A list of terms commonly used by fire dance performers along with brief explanations of their meanings.
Equipment - Explanations of equipment used in fire dancing. Also resources for building & purchasing equipment.
Tutorials - We offer extensive tutorials for intermediate and advanced spinners, and links to the best beginners' articles.
Safety - The most important thing when fire dancing should be safety. We discuss techniques to keep everyone safe.

Getting Started
Being a fire dance performer you will often hear the questions: “How does one get started spinning fire?”, “Where do you go to learn more about fire dancing?”, “What are those things you are spinning around?” Hopefully one day your responses may be simplified to “www.TamingFire.Com”.

How does one get started spinning fire?
It seems that everyone has a different form of exposure to fire dancing, be that: a friend who spins, a troupe’s performance, some random person at a club, the encounter with a troupe practicing in public somewhere. Regardless of where the exposure to fire dancing comes from, it is always the same thing that gets us started, interest. Those of us who spin know what this feeling is like. It is the wanton desire to perform mesmerizing and amazing feats of skill and precision.

Once your interest has been peaked you find yourself trying to find out more, about this cool thing called “fire dancing”. This normally begins with asking one of the performers you have seen and/or met about where they got started spinning fire. You can never quite know what to expect, but many peoples responses are: from a friend, naming the city where they learned, or just a vague reply which may not help much at all.

Of course there are plenty who will give you a good explanation of their background experiences in learning to spin. (Although some performers try not to let people know, none of us were great it the beginning. Fire dancing is an art that takes time, patience, and dedication.) If your lucky they may guide you on to places to begin to find resources for learning to fire dance. Even though you may not have been lucky enough to get directed to the resources you need to begin learning, you have luckily found your way here, where we will try to lead you on your way to learning to spin.

Where do you go to learn more about fire dancing?
Well, for starters you’ve already come across a great place to begin (in our opinions at least). Many people will scour through the net in search of good web sites for learning how to spin, and many find this a difficult task. Without being familiar with these sites it is quite difficult to come across those that are worth the time, or even offer information that is useful to you as a fire dancing newbie. The two things that should be of primary focus to those in search of learning to spin are equipment and tutorials.

Equipment is a very important part in fire dancing. There are three major types of equipment that are used. These three categories are: practice / training equipment, UV / LED equipment, and fire toys. Practice equipment is normally constructed of softer materials and weigh less than equipment used when performing. UV equipment is also lightweight, but is normally cased in plastic. There are many variations of these items appearance and functionality. The last group, fire toys, are not like what their name implicates. Fire toys are definitely not toys at all. They are the instruments for fire performance, and are generally made from heavy solid materials and metals.

When it comes to equipment you can make your own and you can purchase. When purchasing equipment you are generally constrained to ordering online or through the mail. If you would like to more about the type of equipment used, and resources for building and buying your equipment then see the equipment page here at TamingFire.Com

According to Dictionary.Com, a tutorial is “Something that provides special, often individual instruction”. It can be rather difficult to come across good tutorials on the net if you don’t know where to look. There are many places out there for reading more about moves and concepts, but many times these can be difficult to understand and grasp.

Some of the best things to look for in sets of tutorials are videos (preferably slowed down), example pictures, graphical representations, and ones that keep from using terminology that is not clear and concise. There are many text only tutorials out there as well as move concepts placed in forums, but many of them are unclear to people trying to begin learning how to spin.

We are always striving to provide people of all ranges of ability with great quality tutorials that are clear and concise, as well as links to other places that offer some of the best tutorials on the web. If your ready to get started in learning how to fire dance why don’t you make your way to our online tutorials page.

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