Taming Fire Tutorials - BTB BTL Butterfly to Hyperloop
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This is a transition variation for the behind the back between the legs butterfly to a butterfly hyperloop. Although we do not currently provide tutorials for butterfly hyperloops, this is an important concept for those who have already mastered them. Enter into the between the legs behind the back butterfly just as you did in the previous tutorial. However, when exiting back to the front do not uncross your hands (your right hand reaching across your left) when you bring the poi back through. Since your hand positions are being reversed, the right hand will change it's position from being on top of the left hand to being underneath it just by performing the action of changing it from behind the back to being in front. This will automatically bring you to the beginning point where you have placed your right hand beneath the left when entering the butterfly hyperloop. This same concept of side changing can also be applied from the regular behind the back butterfly to being brought through to in front from one of the sides (similar to the waist wrap) or even to an in front between the legs butterfly (as covered later in this series).

Title: BTB Between the Legs Butterfly to Butterfly Hyperloop
Description: A larger version of the video used in this article.
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Title: BTB Between the Legs Butterfly to Butterfly Hyperloop (Slow Motion)
Description: The video listed above at half of the original speed.
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