Taming Fire Tutorials - Horizontal Pinwheel
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Requires: QuickTime™ (Get it here!)

This move is a variation for the frontal corkscrew, it is assumed you have already reviewed the frontal corkscrew tutorial, but if not then you can find it here. Begriming with a frontal corkscrew bring both poi in between both arms (bottom hand poi above, top hand poi below) and continue with their motion as you would with a pinwheel. Once your pinwheel has been completed for the desired duration, return to the frontal corkscrew by bringing the bottom hand's poi below the bottom hand, and the top hand's poi above the top hand.

Title: Horizontal Pinwheel
Description: A larger version of the video used in this article.
File Size: 273 KB
Title: Horizontal Pinwheel (Slow)
Description: The video listed above at half of the original speed.
File Size: 541 KB
Horizontal Pinwheel