Taming Fire Tutorials - Horizontal Pinwheel Wrap
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The horizontal pinwheel wrap is the same as a pinwheel wrap, except it is being applied to a horizontal plane. Instead of entering this move with a forward weave you are instead entering from the top of a frontal corkscrew. You can of course enter from the bottom if your prefer, but in reference to the video provided this move begins at the top. After completing the first wrap bringing your hands down to the bottom and resuming the frontal corkscrew, you can complete this combinational set by performing another horizontal pinwheel wrap beginning from underneath and rising to the top. Instead of resuming the frontal corkscrew, you can tie this combination back to back to provide a continuous horizontal pinwheel wrap combination like it was demonstrated in the pinwheel wrap tutorial.

Title: Horizontal Pinwheel Wrap
Description: A larger version of the video used in this article.
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Title: Horizontal Pinwheel Wrap (Slow Motion)
Description: The video listed above at half of the original speed.
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