Taming Fire Tutorials - In Front, Between the Legs Butterfly
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This particular move has a high requirement of shorter poi or serious chocking up on your chains. Beginning with a reverse butterfly transition to a behind the back butterfly. Immediately after coming behind the back raise one of your legs into the air and slightly to the side. This action is performed to provide more space for passing the poi through, and is not a requirement. In the bottom of the swing (where the poi meet up towards the ground) let the poi pass from behind you through your legs and in front. Continue the butterfly in front of your body for the desired duration of time, and then once again at the bottom of the swing let the poi swing between your legs (back to being behind your back) while you begin to stand up. As you finish standing bring the butterfly back to the front of the body, and voila! you have the "in front, between the legs butterfly".

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Title: In Front, Between the Legs Butterfly
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