Taming Fire Tutorials - Inside Under the Leg Butterfly
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This move is very similar to the outside version we just learned, however instead of bring our hand to the outside of the leg we are instead going to be bringing it to the inside. Begin with a reverse butterfly and raise your leg forward (similar to a front kick) while bending at the knee, until the sole of your foot is at waist level. We will be bringing our hand beneath our leg just as we did before, except that this time we will be using the hand located on the side of the body of the lifted leg (opposite of before). Once your hand is under your leg, and the chains are clear, change your foot from pointing in front of you to pointing at the ground and let the poi swing in front of your calf. Continue this butterfly for the desired duration. In order to exit simply kick your currently raised leg off to the side like a side kick immediately after your poi have swung directly past your hip (from the falling part of the swing). Bring the poi of the hand that is under your leg behind you so that it falls directly behind the leg you are standing on. Put your leg back on the ground and bring the poi back to the front of the body to return to the butterfly.

Title: Inside Under the Leg Butterfly
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Title: Inside Under the Leg Butterfly (Slow Motion)
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