Taming Fire Tutorials - Inside UTL Butterfly Turn Around
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The only difference in this move and the previous is that instead of the exit we actually implement another variation of turning around and exiting. Enter the inside under the leg butterfly just as we did previously, but this time when you would have exited instead begin turn behind you in the direction of the leg that is currently up (either left or right). Once you are facing 180 degrees of your previous position let the poi of the hand currently under your leg come from spinning in front of your leg to spin underneath it and out from under your leg. Because we changed the direction we were facing the swing we originally used to enter this move is now able to become the move we use to exit it with. My personal preference, and as is illustrated in the provided example, is to then continue with the turn to return to the original position. I also add a little bit of back and forth alternations before returning to the butterfly. But I would like to encourage you to play with your own variants and preferences as this is what helps make a move into "your move".

Title: Inside Under the Leg Butterfly Turn Around
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Title: Inside Under the Leg Butterfly Turn Around(Slow Motion)
Description: The video listed above at half of the original speed.
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