Taming Fire Tutorials - Outside Under the Leg Butterfly
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Beginning with a reverse butterfly lift one of your legs to where your knee is at waist level. From this position raise the foot of the raised leg across to the other side of the body just a little below the waist. At this point wait until the poi opposite of the raised leg reaches the point of the swing where it is falling towards the ground and is between the shoulders and the hips. From this position begin to bring your hand underneath the thigh of the raised leg. As you do this the swing of the poi should be coming down by your ankles ready to make one half of a rotation underneath the leg, before being brought forward to spin with the hand on that side of the body (how you would normally performa butterfly). Hold this position for the desired duration of the spin (or until your balance begins to waiver). Exiting is a good bit simpler than entrance. At the same point in the swing that we used for entrance, let the poi of the hand currently under the leg swing in front of the foot and back behind the body. Bring your poi back in front to return to the butterfly and complete this move.

Title: Outside Under the Leg Butterfly
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Title: Outside Under the Leg Butterfly (Slow Motion)
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