Taming Fire Tutorials - Pinwheel Wrap
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The pinwheel wrap requires the use of short poi or choking up on your chains so that your poi can comfortably spin directly in front of your body. Entering this move as it is demonstrated above, you begin with a forward weave. Immediately after the point in the weave where you have alternated your hand from underneath to above (with the hand currently not crossing your body) you will bring the swing of your poi directly in front of you (towards the center of your chest). Let the poi head swing inside the area between the arm crossing your body and your chest. As it reaches towards the inside the chain should become taught against the arm crossing your body. When the poi head comes out of this area and is directly above the arm, then let your hand follow under the arm (the one crossing your body) and through the area, just as the poi head had done just moments prior. As your hand begins to emerge and cross to the side, let your opposite hand (the one that had been crossing your body) pull its poi up and out from the space between your body and the arm of the poi ( the one that had just circled around the arm and is now crossing your body). As the poi head emerges to atop the arm let the swing draw it to the opposite side of where you initiated this move from, and join with the other poi to perform the weave again on this side. The video provided above is of a continuous combination of the forward pinwheel wrap from both sides. Performing one single wrap is still a quite effective move and should not be underestimated. Be sure to be able to perform this move from both sides (left and right) in both directions (forward and reverse) before attempting some of the more difficult variant and combination tutorials based on this founding move.

Title: Pinwheel Wrap
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Title: Pinwheel Wrap (Slow Motion)
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Title: Pinwheel Wrap (Angled View)
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Title: Pinwheel Wrap (Angled View) (Slow Motion)
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