Taming Fire Tutorials - Pinwheel Wrap Combo
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This is just one of a series of many different variations of combinations which are developed around the functionality of the pinwheel wrap. You may need to reference the slow motion version to get a clearer idea of what is going on during this process. I have chosen this particular combination because of the use of the pinwheel wrap from both sides and directions as well as the implementation of the pinwheel wrap as the transitional move when changing sides as discussed in the lesson prior. The provided version of this combination follows the following sequence of events: Reverse weave on the left side of the body, reverse pinwheel wrap entering from the left, [keynote #1] transition to a frontal windmill, frontal windmill based pinwheel wrap entering from the left, wrap opens to the right side of the body, re-enters pinwheel wrap on the right side of the body from the right, repeat from keynote #1. Be imaginative and creative and build your own combinations. Try altering the directions you are spinning, the sides you enter from, and moves used in the sequence. Just make sure that you have fun with it!

Title: Pinwheel Wrap Combo
Description: A larger version of the video used in this article.
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Title: Pinwheel Wrap Combo (Slow Motion)
Description: The video listed above at half of the original speed.
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