Taming Fire Tutorials - Simultaneous Butterfly Walk
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Simultaneous butterfly walks are the next evolutionary step of butterfly walks. If you noted in the previous tutorial you would see the emphasis I placed on the fact that you can perform two particular moves from the same position (right poi in front or left poi behind the back). A simultaneous butterfly walk is integrating these two moves together to be performed at the same moment. Not a lot of explanation should be required for this if you are currently comfortable with butterfly walks. Just make sure that your hand for the poi spinning in front is in front of the hand for the poi going behind the back. This principle applies to both legs, and not just the one illustrated above. So stringing the same action from leg to leg is what develops into the simultaneous butterfly walk. People are very receptive to this move, and I hope it has as great an effect for you as it has for me.

Title: Simultaneous Butterfly Walk
Description: A larger version of the video used in this article.
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Title: Simultaneous Butterfly Walk (Slow Motion)
Description: The video listed above at half of the original speed.
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