Site Changes and Updates
04/30/04 - Initial Site Release
05/04/04 - Loaded Pictures and Sections to Photo Gallery
05/09/04 - Loaded Additions to the Video and Photo Galleries
06/21/04 - Addition of Navigation Bar to the Forum
06/26/04 - Added More Pictures to Leif's Section of the Photo Gallery
06/26/04 - Performed Various Fixes Across the Entire Site
07/17/04 - Added Another Page of Flag Pictures to Leif's Section of the Photo Gallery
07/17/04 - Updated Areas of the About Sections
08/21/04 - Made Excess Additions and Format Layouts to the Links Page
08/26/04 - Added Article about Newspaper Coverage to Home Page
09/01/04 - Public Release of TamingFire.Com
09/06/04 - Made Changes and Additions to Different Sections of the About Sections
09/07/04 - More Additions to the Tutorials Section
09/08/04 - Indexed and Added Equipment Development Tutorials to the Tutorials Section
09/10/04 - Made more Additions to the Background and Tutorial Pages
09/11/04 - Added Over 25 Links to the Link List with at Least One New Link Per Section
09/14/04 - Made Updates and Additions to the Tutorials and Background Pages
09/14/04 - Updated, Arranged, and Edited the Link List
09/14/04 - Added Four New Videos to the Video Section
09/14/04 - Added Two New Sections and Re-Arranged Articles on the Home Page
09/17/04 - More Link Additions to the Tutorials Page
09/19/04 - Made the Public Release of the Taming Fire Online Shop
09/19/04 - Added More Links to the Equipment & Gear Resources Section of the Link List
09/19/04 - Addition of New Wallpaper Design to the Downloads Page of the About Section
09/20/04 - Made a Link Addition to the Background Page
09/20/04 - Moved All the Older Updates to the New Updates Page
10/05/04 - Added Two New Videos to the Video Section
10/08/04 - Released Three New Desktop Wallpaper to the Downloads Page
10/13/04 - Released New Video Formatting to the Entire Video Page
10/13/04 - Released Two New Videos of Team Members Matt Watkins and Leif to the Video Page
09/20/04 - Moved All the Older Updates to the New Updates Page
10/28/04 - Updated Link To Us Page with Linking Sites We Are Aware Of
10/28/04 - Updated the List of Shows Performed
10/28/04 - Added New Articles to the Index Page, Changed Article Display Formatting
10/28/04 - Released a Full Set of Intermediate to Advanced Video Tutorials
12/21/04 - Added Custom Made Fire Fans and Hand Candles to the Online Shop
1/26/05 - Released Over 35 Minutes of New Fire Videos to the Video Page

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